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SiteBIM's approach is flexible and responsive to resolving solutions with you to provide detailed BIM models. 

​Beginning a project with knowing all "As Is" conditions eliminates excessive site visits, confusion and frustration at the drawing table. SiteBIM's "As Is" services will ensure your design team can foresee clash detection, and define risk mitigation.

SiteBIM's team is able to offer end deliverables in the following programs:

-AutoCAD      -Revit Building Suite     -Rhino     -Cyclone     -LFM Modeller     -INOVx Reality Linx     -AutoPlant     -PDMS    -PDS

3D Laser Scanning for Defining "As Is" Drawings

Use SiteBim's "As Exists" documentation and modelling services where traditional measuring methods are insufficient.  

SiteBIM uses the latest in 3D laser scanning technology to obtain site measurements. The millions of points collected by laser scanning are used to create a BIM model that can obtain tolerances of +/- 5mm to the actual site.


The point data can be used to document historical sites to ensure they will last for ever digitally.

Historical preservation using 3D laser scanning can be used in later years when architectural restoration may need to take place.

3D Laser Scanning for Historical Documentation

3D Laser Scanning for Progress Varification

360° Planar view photographs can be utilized to verify construction progress. 


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